2015 Arctic Cat XF 6000 CrossTour


Arctic Cat
XF 6000 CrossTour



  • FasTrack® Rear Suspension with 141-in. Track: This springless 141-in. FOX FLOAT® 3 air shock rear suspension reduces snow buildup weight while providing a full range of pressure/tuning options.
  • Arctic Race Front Suspension: Tall, lightweight ski spindles and widely spaced A-arms provide great torsion rigidity and strength. Angling the shock load back toward the rider's mass, results in optimal caster/camber to improve comfort and cornering. Arctic Cat® IFP shocks and a sway bar provide excellent control and handling.
  • 6000 C-TEC2™ Engine: This clean technology 2-stroke is powerful, durable and 10 pounds lighter than the old 600. The electronic oil pump accurately meters fuel/oil ratios by RPM and by altitude, dramatically improving oil and fuel consumption. Dual-stage injection provides a clean burn with low emissions.
  • ProCross Chassis: This chassis excels at bringing weight-saving technology to the performance-obsessed rider. The ProCross™ features a tapered two-piece tunnel design. Narrow at the top, wider at the bottom. A forged steering housing ties together many of the load-bearing chassis components.
  • Deluxe Digital Gauge with Altimeter: This dual LCD screen gauge has it all for the person who wants to know it all. There’s an odometer, trip meter, speedometer, engine hour, low oil light, coolant overheat light, coolant temp, intake air temp, battery voltage, low fuel light, clock, reverse indicator and altimeter.
  • Electric Start: With a simple turn of the key, the new and improved electric start is reliable and effective. Not to mention the easiest way to ignite the fun.
  • Push-Button Engine Reverse: The push-button reverse is all about quick, easy activation. This feature reverses the direction of the engine rotation. In addition to being smooth it's also a weight savings.
  • Front Sport Bumper: These lightweight aluminum bumpers add superior protection and a bold, stylish look. They are scratch resistant and have a powder-coat finish.
  • Heavy-Duty MRP Rear Bumper: For things that might go bump on the trail, the CrossTour's heavy-duty MRP bumper adds unsurpassed protection. The multi-rack platform opens up a world of functional possibilities.
  • Rear Cargo Rack: You and your CrossTour are going places-special places. So go ahead and bring that extra bag on your long trip. You've got the room to keep it on this large-capacity aluminum rack.
  • Adjustable Mountain Handlebar: The adjustable mountain handlebar allows you to rotate the bars in the riser block. That grab strap is there for when you need some extra leverage.
  • Mountain Skis: Lighter with an increased keel depth for increased cornering traction. They also feature molded-in “gripper” traction on the top side and a ski loop design that is stiffer and provides better hand ergonomics.
  • Full-Height Windshield: The high windshield is for when you're going forward into the great white open. The mirrors are for when you're backing up.
  • Mirrors: These heavy-duty, built-to-last mirrors are perfect to withstand harsh winter elements. Plus they help you keep your eye on your posse.
  • Rear Storage Bag: The mid-capacity rear storage bag holds anything from gloves to water bottles. Secure, easy-to-use quick-fasten straps and semi-rigid construction adds plenty of needed strength.
  • 1.352-in. Cobra Track: The Cobra™ track's cupped lug design delivers superior handling, acceleration and braking in loose snow conditions. Its “traction teeth” add extra grip on hard-packed surfaces. The 1.352-in. paddles provide that extra traction needed in the deeper stuff.
  • Type: 2-stroke
  • Displacement: 599cc
  • Cooling: Liquid
  • Cylinders: 2
  • Bore x Stroke: 73.8 x 70 mm
  • Lubrication: Electronic injection
  • Ignition: 3D sequential fire, throttle position sensor
  • Carburetion: 47 mm dual throttle body dual stage injection
  • Exhaust: APV with tuned pipe, pipe sensor and stainless steel muffler
  • Fuel Capacity: 11.7 gal. (44.3 L)
  • Front Suspension: Arctic Race Suspension with Arctic Cat (IFP) shocks and sway bar
  • Front Travel: 10 in. (25.4 cm)
  • Rear Suspension: FasTrack Rear Suspension with tri-hub rear axle system, FOX FLOAT 3 rear-arm shock, Arctic Cat (IFP) front-arm shock
  • Rear Travel: 14.5 in. (36.8 cm)
  • Drive Clutch: Arctic 6 post (rpm sensing)
  • Driven Clutch: 10.75 in. (27.3 cm) dia. Arctic (roller cam)
  • Drive System: Arctic Drive System
  • Brakes: Radial master cylinder hydraulic brake / disc on driveshaft
  • Overall Length: 125 in. (317.5 cm)
  • Overall Width: 48 in. (121.9 cm)
  • Ski Stance: 42-43 in. (106.7-109 cm) adjustable
  • Ski Type: Mountain 6 in. (15.2 cm)
  • Runner Type: Dual skag w/carbide
  • Track Type: Cobra
  • Track Width: 15 in. (38.1 cm)
  • Track Length: 141 in. (258.1 cm)
  • Lug: 1.352 in. (3.4 cm)
  • Pitch: 3.00 in. (7.6 cm)
Standard Features
  • Push-Button Engine Reverse
  • Dual Halogen Headlight (2-bulb)
  • Front Sport Bumper
  • Adjustable Mountain Handlebar
  • Deluxe Digital Gauge
  • Electric Gas Gauge
  • Low Oil Light
  • Coolant Overheat Light
  • Clock
  • High/Low Hand & Thumb Warmers
  • Altimeter
  • Accessory Outlet
  • Full-Height Windshield
  • Electric Start
  • Rear Storage Bag
  • Air Pump
  • Heavy-duty MRP Rear Bumper
  • Cargo Rack
  • Mirrors
Optional Features
  • 2-Up Seat
  • Passenger Footrests (included In The 2 Up Seat Kit)
  • Tank Pads
  • (Ex Low, Flyscreen, Low, Mid, High) Windshield
  • Hitch
  • Tether Switch
  • Hand Guards
  • Premium Shocks
  • Telescopic Steering Post
  • Ice Scratchers
  • Riser Blocks
  • Mountain Seat
  • Orange
Specifications Subject to Change



Engine Type
Bore x Stroke
73.8 x 70 mm
Engine Cooling
47 mm dual throttle body dual stage injection
3D sequential fire, throttle position sensor
APV with tuned pipe, pipe sensor and stainless steel muffler


Brake Type
Radial master cylinder hydraulic brake / disc on driveshaft
Drive Clutch
Arctic 6 post (rpm sensing)
Driven Clutch
10.75 in. (27.3 cm) dia. Arctic (roller cam)


Front Suspension
Arctic Race Suspension with Arctic Cat (IFP) shocks and sway bar
Front Travel
10 in. (25.4 cm)
Rear Suspension
FasTrack Rear Suspension with tri-hub rear axle system, FOX FLOAT 3 rear-arm shock, Arctic Cat (IFP) front-arm shock
Rear Travel
14.5 in. (36.8 cm)
Ski Type
Mountain 6 in. (15.2 cm)
Ski Stance
42-43 in. (106.7-109 cm) adjustable
Track Type
Track Dimensions
15 in. (38.1 cm) x 141 in. (258.1 cm) x 1.352 in. (3.4 cm)


Standard: Digital
Standard: Digital
Standard: Digital
Dual Halogen Headlight (2-Bulb)
Fuel Capacity
11.7 gal. (44.3 L)


Electric Start
Hand & Thumb Warmers

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